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I'm very lucky to live close to a wonderful fabric store here in Toronto. The Workroom not only stocks a wide range of fabrics and sewing supplies, but also runs a wide variety of workshops. Yesterday I spent a few hours in their cool work space making little purses!

I have to confess that my main reason for taking this worshop was my lack of success in the past with using fabric glue. I don't like using glue but sometimes it solves an insurmountable problem, and I felt this would be a fun way to get a few tips on how to use it properly.

I had a wonderful time and all of my questions were answered. Mostly, it was great to spend a few hours with a delightful group of people occupied with making something that is undeniably charming and useful!

If you are lucky enough to live in the Toronto area check out The Workroom and their list of workshops!

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This week I took a 3 hour workshop by Julie Sinden at the Workroom on creating marbled Fabric.

What a fun class! Everything was included to create a dozen marbled Fabric pieces! It was so exciting to play with colours and then see the floating designs magically transfer to our fabrics. Highly recommended!!

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During one of Toronto's many months of lockdown I read Philip Pullman's Book of Dust series featuring the continuing adventures of Lyra and Pan. I found myself visualising the kinds of clothing that Lyra might pick up on her expedition. When I found some vintage patchwork quilts at a market I created a long coat that could be worn over other clothing on chilly nights traveling through unfamiliar regions.

My good friend and film maker @brendadnyc is about to go on her own expedition to Scotland to film her new movie! I think she looks fabulous in this coat!

Get yours at FAWN

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